Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why I Write, essay from National Writing Project

Mark Salzman writes about why he writes in this particular essay. He claims that before learning about Helen Keller he feels that he wants to be as determined and confident as she was. Salzman also wishes that he does not want to be a "wasted life" like Helen Keller was "supposed" to be. The main reason he writes though, instead of being a martial-arts teacher like he had planned, is because he did not feel right doing what he did, and he felt that writing would feel more like the life he had originally planned to have.

Salzman, Mark. "Why I Write." N.p., 17/10/2011. Web. 17 Nov 2011.

The way Mark Salzman writes this piece is the way that I wish I could write. He connects his paragraphs, which are not very similar in thought, very seamlessly, and although the essay is no more than a few paragraphs, he really gets his point across. It seems that I know exactly why Salzman writes just by a few paragraphs of explanation. I really enjoyed this piece of writing.

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