Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Important People

The most important person in the book is obviously the main character, and author, Slash. He is the most important character because what he has done throughout his life, determines what transpires throughout the story. Without Slash, there would not even be a story to be told. Slash is half African-American, half British, with long curly black hair. He is outspoken, and when under the influence of alcohol, has a short-temper. He also rather has an addictive personality, which subsequently led to his addictions with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and his  love of guitar.

The second most important character in the book is Slash's wife, Perla. Without her, Slash would have never reverted back to a sober lifestyle, without drugs and alcohol. Perla provided a meaning to his life, and means of a healthy life. She also provided Slash with two children, with further reason to sustain sobriety.

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