Monday, April 16, 2012

3 major incidences

There are many topics discussed in Freakonomics, but the topic I found most intriguing was the theory that it is much worse to cheat to lose in sports than it is to cheat to win. Levitt describes the 1919 White Sox, who conspired with gamblers to fix a World Series by ensuring several losses. They became formally known as the "Black Sox". Levitt also discusses the movie "On the Waterfront?" where Marlon Brando plays a boxer who believes all of his present problems resulted from one fight that he took a dive in. The last incident he describes is the intentional losses at sumo wrestling matches; those who already have 8 wins in a tournament intentionally lose to other sumo wrestlers that have just 7 wins and only need one more to secure their top spot in one of two elite divisions. 

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